Company Profile

Operating under the company name of "Edipsou Ferries", the Edipsos Ferry company has been providing ferry routes to and from the town of Agiokambos in the northern region of Evia.

Company Profile – Ferries Edipsos

Founded in the mid 1980's after a successful merger with a number of local ferry operates, the company is one that has grown in stature over the years, and which has constantly provided a very high quality of service.

From the town of Agiokambos in North Evia, the ferry service connects to the port of Glyfa in the Fthiotida region of Central Greece.

This very important route is extremely useful and popular with visitors who are travelling to Evia from the northern region of Greece.

The company is one that offers economical and efficient travel to and from the town of Agiokambos. With a group of highly skilled and experience personnel, our services are always of the highest standard with the care, wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers being of great importance to us.